Phil Garner’s Favorite Minute Maid Park Moment

Former Astros manager Phil Garner shares his favorite moment at Minute Maid Park with Alyson Footer:


“The one memory that stands out in my mind, one that I think about all the time, is from the 18-inning game [Game 4 of the Divison Series with the Braves in ’05]. I looked down at the bullpen after it was already in extra innings and there was Roger Clemens, sitting all by himself, just waiting. I think Brad Ausmus said it best: “He’s going to come in and win the big game, then he’s going to go save a third-world nation.”

“In the eighth or ninth inning, I said to [pitching coach Jim] Hickey, “I don’t like the feel of this game. It feels like it’s going to be a long game.” I said, “We don’t have the best of luck in the these 15, 16, 17 inning games.” Hickey said, “Nah, Clemens will come in and hit a home run before it gets that far.” We were somewhat disappointed that didn’t happen.

“But we knew he’d pitch as many innings as it took to win this game. If we went 15 more, he’d pitch 15 more.

“I don’t want to downplay Chris Burke’s homer, but Clemens is what I think about more than anything. You just knew he was never going to let them score another run. I think about that all of the time.”


Come make your very own Minute Maid Park memories and catch a game!



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